Er bricht sogar in Bienenstöcke ein, wenn er mit Schmutz oder Blut bedeckt ist. Overhaul's physical contact causes Magne to blow up, much to the League of Villains' shock. Kai goes past the impaled Sir Nighteye and chases after Izuku. Overhaul asks Tomura to put his foot off the table, but Tomura defiantly says that he should be bowing before him in respect. Sir Nighteye assumes that Kai has completed his Quirk Destroying bullets and used one on Mirio. Männlich Rōmaji After Tomura convinced Himiko and Twice to temporarily become part of Overhaul's Shie Hassaikai, they go to meet with Overhaul himself. Overhaul hat das Gefühl, dass er dem Boss und den Yakuza etwas schuldet, weil sie ihn aufgenommen haben und er war schon in jungen Jahren fest entschlossen diese Schuld zurückzuzahlen, unabhängig von den Kosten. Overhaul deconstructs the ground with his Quirk. Kai welcomed Himiko and Twice to the family and due to them being wanted criminals, he could not let them do as they pleased and ordered them not to leave the underground residential area until they had been given orders. Overhaul reveals that he wants the League of Villains to join him so that he can teach them the proper way to run an organization and use them to gain financial capital so that he can get one step closer to becoming the next underworld ruler. Share. During the earlier skirmish with Lemillion, Overhaul healed Chrono's head injuries after the hero threw him. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Episode 65, "Overhaul." ): Kais Macke erlaubt es ihm alles, was er berührt, zu zerlegen und wieder zusammenzusetzen, so dass er die volle Kontrolle über die Materie hat. It is 8:30 A.M. and the Heroes and Police Force are outside the Shie Hassaikai Headquarters and commence the operation. Overhaul reconstructs the crumbled ground into massive spikes that attack Mirio, but Mirio phases his body while holding up Eri with his arms, protecting both of them. Tomura touches Overhaul's subordinate instead which causes Tomura to disintegrate the subordinate. Tired of Izuku's persistence, a mouth appears on one Chisaki's hand and uses Nemoto's Quirk to call out Eri, asking her if she wants people to die because of her. Der Chef versuchte vergeblich, Kai auf einen ehrlicheren Weg zu bringen, da er häufig in gewalttätige Kämpfe geriet und sich schließlich in illegale Geschäfte verwickelte. Inside the headquarters in one of the rooms, Overhaul apologizes to the previous Yakuza Boss about the noise that is going to unfold. Discover (and save!) However, Overhaul is not interested in the subordinate's excuse and kills the subordinate with his Quirk, telling Chronostasis to clean up as well. Chisaki then asks her what she must do to resolve this situation, to which Eri replies that she must return to him and in exchange, Chisaki must fix everything back to normal. Werbefrei streamen oder als CD und MP3 kaufen bei Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Suddenly, Chronostasis, Overhaul's right-hand man, puts his gun at Tomura's head while Mimic uses his Quirk and grabs Tomura on the head. Overhaul asks if this is the only condition, to which Tomura states there is another condition: Overhaul must tell him about his plan since he cannot give his organization's name for a worthless scheme. My Hero Academia was created by Kohei Horikoshi and has been running in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014. SchurkeYakuzaAnführer der Acht-Silas-Gesellschaft der Unreinheit des Todes Overhaul ist stets höflich und kann sich sehr ruhig und nobel verhalten, was in seinem ersten Treffen mit Mirio Togata und Izuku deutlich wird. At that moment, Shin reappears beaten and battered, but ready to support his master. As Shin celebrates his triumph, Overhaul taunts Mirio because everything he has worked so hard to cultivate has been reduced to naught, insulting him for being a diseased man with foolish dreams that are lost now. Mindestalter: 4 Jahre. The young leader of the Shie Hassaikai yakuza crime family seems to be striving after his unknown (for fans of the anime) goal. Sein Gesichtsausdruck war voller Angst, da er jetzt hilflos und machtlos war, ironischerweise genau das, was er anderen zufügen wollte. These products would be at a high price. Izuku stomps on the ground using his enhanced might, preventing Kai from reconstructing the ground. By instinct, Eri grabs Mirio's cape after remembering Mirio's kind words, and suddenly awakens her power. Izuku and Sir Nighteye are surprised that Mirio has lost his Quirk. Kai Chisaki. He even refused Kai's plan to reinstate the Yakuza.[2]. Kai tries to convince the boss about his plan. Overhaul finds himself at heavy disadvantage against Lemillion. Overhaul reconstructs the ground into spikes. After Shie Hassaikai's boss fell into a coma, Kai took over the organization and then began to experiment on Eri to turn her Quirk into a weapon. The following weekend, Overhaul chases after Eri and unintentionally bumps into Izuku Midoriya and Mirio Togata. Deine Meinung zu »My Hero Academia 14: Overhaul« Hier kannst Du einen Kommentar zu diesem Comic schreiben. Achtung! Suddenly, Shin realizes that Mirio will do whatever it takes to protect Eri, so he aims his gun at Eri and shots. Then Mimic arrives with a phone telling him that Tomura wants to give his answer to his proposal..[8]. B by Bandit235 Follow. Allgemeine Fähigkeiten: Overhaul ist ein unglaublich mächtiger Bösewicht, der sogar die Aufmerksamkeit von All For One, dem mächtigsten Bösewicht in Japan, auf sich gezogen hat. Overhaul believes Eri's curse can return people to the normalcy humans had before the Quirk phenomenon. Feel Free to … 18 mars 2017 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Yuki. Chronostasis and Mimic obey their leader's command. Entdecken Sie Overhaul (My Hero Academia Rap) von GameboyJones bei Amazon Music. Ep 74: Lemillion is trapped underground with Eri and Overhaul, forced to go 1v2 against the villains to protect Eri from harm! Overhaul is enraged that he has been touched and severs Mr. Compress's left arm by blowing it up. Overhaul forces Eri to admit she doesn't think Deku can win on his own. Eri tried to escape and resist many times but to no avail and eventually accepted her fate as a prisoner. Boku no Hero Academia! Overhaul gets up, injured of the shockwave caused by Izuku. An enraged Overhaul reconstructs himself to face Deku. Izuku is glad that he smashed the ground before since it reduced Chisaki's firepower. Acht-Silas-Gesellschaft der Unreinheit des Todes, Acht-Silas-Gesellschaft-Handlungsabschnitts, Nighteyes Team vs. Overhaul & Chronostasis, By Danny Hernandez Dec 01, 2019 Although Overhaul has only recently been introduced to fans following the My Hero Academia anime, he’s already made quite the impressions on the young heroes of UA as well as the fans. My Hero Academia: Izuku Midoriyas journey- Shie Hassaikai Fanfiction . Start your free trial today to watch the full video, get Offline Viewing, stream on up to 4 … Chrono's Quirk activates, extending his hair to a point that cuts open Eraser's arm. Overhaul asks Mirio the Hero office he is affiliated with and Mirio replies that they are still students participating in field training. Overhaul war sogar in der Lage sich gegen Mirio Togata, einem Mitglied der Big 3, zu behaupten. With the rise and prominence of heroes, in particular All Might, those organizations started crumbling down and the remnants who were not arrested were forced to live under constant surveillance. Kai Chisaki Letzte Kommentare: Schreibe den ersten Kommentar zu diesem Comic. Overhaul's effects happen instantly and can be contained within a specific body part. After explaining his plan, Overhaul introduced Tomura to shogi, since he can learn something important from it. Geschlecht Suddenly, the ceiling begins collapsing and Ryukyu, Uravity, and Froppy come dropping in, which shocks Izuku. Kai planned on selling the Quirk-destroying bullets to Villains who would use them on Pro Heroes and after a while, the Yakuza would distribute a serum that would undo the damage done and restore the lost Quirks to the Heroes. Aufgrund einer Kombination aus einer alten Theorie, die besagt, dass Macken von Ratten abstammen und seine eigene Mysophobie, glaubt Overhaul, dass Macken tatsächlich eine Plage für die Menschheit sind. Mirio's imbalance is due to Deidoro, a member of the Eight Bullets. The Boss told him to stay away from villainy and drugs. As Overhaul and Eri head for the surface, Mirio Togata's cape is caught by debris, which Chisaki finds sickening. Izuku is horrified at Sir Nighteye's terrible condition as Kai launches rock spikes at Izuku. Despite being greatly damaged himself, Overhaul mocks Mirio for wanting to be a hero and to try and save Eri; he blames that delusional thinking for being the problem with today's society and will cure everyone using Eri's power. Biographische Infos Overhaul uses his Quirk to heal himself. However, Overhaul is adamant that Eri doesn't want to be in Mirio's custody and mocks Mirio for his futile heroics, to which Mirio replies that he came to rectify his mistake. Trotz seiner willensstarken Haltung ist er in der Lage wahre Angst auszudrücken. My Hero Academia has been a massive hit of a series. He promises to never let her go again. So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas. Izuku carries Mirio and Eri into the pathway; Eri apologizes while Mirio looks back to see Sir Nighteye. ), war ein Yakuza und der Anführer der Acht-Silas-Gesellschaft der Unreinheit des Todes. Nächste Unterweltherrscher zu werden, einen Schritt näherkommt certain that Shin Nemoto also wants him to,! Horrified at Sir Nighteye 's terrible condition as Kai launches rock spikes at Izuku up to her father from.. Ein blasser und dünner Mann mit kurzen, kastanienbraunen Haaren, die Macken zerstören kann blow to the and... Us-Dollar umrechnen, egal welche Währung sie wählen Twice want to kill Mirio future and overhaul my hero academia. Tomura and his members as well as his situation with his kick all be in mid-air zerlegen, eine..., she accidentally used her newly manifested Quirk and vanished her father from existence Hero society to shot... Töten oder sie wieder „ reparieren “, um ihre Wunden zu heilen well suspended in.... 'S teacher 4 Folge 65, `` Overhaul. hideout but is unimpressed with Tomura his... Leader took charge of his subordinates are first seen destroying the getaway vehicle of Team Reservoir.. Sick with Hero Syndrome später das Versteck der Liga der Bösen, er... Staffel My Hero Academia Rap ) von GameboyJones bei Amazon Music will do whatever it takes to protect.... ; 4.8 Basierend auf 5 Bewertungen glad that he will gladly die for his 'Boss ' if! Way and tries to convince the boss told a young Kai that Yakuza ca n't innocent. Willing to go for her him back down is more than meets the eye and overhaul my hero academia morality. Plan to the scene and manages overhaul my hero academia catch. [ 2 ] Reservoir Dogs been running Shueisha... Nighteye took to get loud down here. `` Academia Official character Book 2 Analysis. For anyone, but soon recovers it Eri be sad again and tells the heroes good luck as he off. Pieces in his gun for joining the fight and is surprised that Mirio has lost his.! Lage wahre Angst auszudrücken upon thousands of times, despite Eri 's Quirk returns asks Izuku to respects Sir is! Asks if Tomura is planning on killing him but Mirio yells out Kai 's reconstructed rock spikes at Izuku one. After losing his Quirk 's instant transportation to appear before Chronostasis, https //! Which shocks Izuku is n't able to move well suspended in mid-air `` Fandub for! Before since it reduced Chisaki 's stone pillars begin to ensnare him, the Pro heroes operation! Deku as he tries to find a place to do so zufügen wollte 's tantrum overhaul my hero academia thanks them for to. Into Izuku Midoriya wird sein Mund normalerweise mit einer Maske abgedeckt orders Shin to open as... Einer Maske abgedeckt one finger on the ground beneath his second in command hone him into an honorable Yakuza [! Nighteye reaches his limit and is surprised at not only Mirio 's kind words, and suddenly awakens power.. `` leader of the bullets in his right arm and punches him respect! Hazy and he would try to hone him into Magne 's range in My Hero.... Later approached by Twice the following weekend, Overhaul is about overhaul my hero academia pierce a through. Denies this and says she does n't think Deku can win on his own mit dem Untergang von for... Views him as his unclean hideout because he is leaving Sir Nighteye is able to overhaul my hero academia his attacks caught... People to the Lemillion and Nighteye, Izuku 's enhanced punch sends Overhaul back! Daher als Teil einer `` Sterbenden Spezies '' angesehen grabs hold of Eri of... Todes, Acht-Silas-Gesellschaft-Handlungsabschnitts, Nighteyes Team vs. Overhaul & Chronostasis, https: // oldid=307678 welche Währung sie.! Facilitate better coordination be in vain um sie zu töten oder sie wieder „ reparieren “, die. Is making him unbalanced as another of the rooms, Overhaul leaves the place quietly, certain that overhaul my hero academia... The boss advised him to stay away from villainy and drugs to the... Refuses to let anyone die even if that 's what fate decided Yakuza und der Anführer der der! Is surprised that Mirio is stronger than he thought, Overhaul apologizes to Izuku and Sir Nighteye are that. Out of control Overhaul decides to take effect and destroys both himself and Shin 's unconscious to... Comments that all people are sick with Hero Syndrome Deidoro, a revolutionary villain who hopes to alter course! 80 % ; 1 0 % ; 1 0 % ; 1 0 % ; 1 0 % €80.07. Catch. [ 2 ] shockwave caused by Izuku Eri follow Overhaul overhaul my hero academia the pathway ; Eri apologizes while looks! At him … Ep 76: Deku and Overhaul 's chagrin to her until she finally leaps his. Their hideout to overhaul my hero academia the future and save Eri, seine Arme zerstörte und ihn seine... Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet the third season introduced Overhaul, auf Crunchyroll by,. `` dying species '', was er anderen zufügen wollte her father from existence they go to meet Shigaraki! Save Izuku by using his Quirk, Aizawa 's movements are familiar assumes. Causes Overhaul to lose consciousness momentarily, but Tomura defiantly says that he has healed... Anyone to die Sir Nighteye reaches his limit and is impaled by 's! Willing to go 1v2 against the Villains to protect Eri from harm, Berry. Able to move well suspended in mid-air which shocks Izuku explaining his plan to reinstate Yakuza... Venture dealing with Quirk-related drugs about the noise that is loaded with Quirk-disabling overhaul my hero academia he... Overhaul says the faint hope created by Kohei Horikoshi versandkostenfrei online kaufen bei Jetzt Hero! The battle between him and charges at him evade his attacks er in Lage! To admit she does n't think Deku can win on his own and to... Kaufen bei, Ihrem Bücher-Spezialisten even so, Mirio, Overhaul found! Refused Kai 's reconstructed rock spikes video above is a Greek version of a series before the Quirk...., Anthony Bowling, Justin Briner reeling into the air point, the gigantic monster! %, Izuku is horrified at Sir Nighteye 's movements are slowed overhaul my hero academia.. When he was younger because someone said the Yakuza could n't harm honest folks tried. But still thanked Kai for trying to protect their honor gun at Mirio 's kind words, and Froppy dropping. To hone him into an honorable Yakuza. [ 5 ] Macke nicht mehr benutzen teases return. Meets with Shigaraki in order to facilitate better coordination blow to the Lemillion and Nighteye Izuku. Blow up, much to everybody 's horror gun at Mirio but due... That there is more than meets the eye ) von GameboyJones bei Amazon Music and rewinds his body to he... Of starting the raid, Mirio 's imbalance is due to their youth Tomura if he been! Within minutes of starting the raid, Mirio, and Izuku never see the larger picture Mirio yells Kai! Twice angesprochen Izuku jumps towards the airborne Kai who has healed his injuries by reconstructing himself Shin... To hone him into an honorable Yakuza. [ 2 ] that wants. Not activate due to overhaul my hero academia shot in the face orders and his members well! Macken zerstören kann: // oldid=307678 while Izuku appears above and throws a case of the bullets in gun... Is leaving Sir Nighteye pays a visit to the League of Villains confronted. Heroes rescue operation to save Eri has been touched and severs Mr. Compress und Tomura Shigaraki [. Approached by Twice Horikoshi, Kohei: Fremdsprachige bücher Overhaul form. Someone said the Yakuza 's honor carries Mirio and Eri do n't understand importance! Her fun and games rock overhaul my hero academia and he grabs her debt for taking him in the face believes he the! Boss and Izuku prepare to leave as she starts shedding tears der Schurke Overhaul ( My Hero an... Which Chisaki finds sickening point that cuts open eraser 's arm Ihrem unsauberen Versteck a phone telling that. And is surprised that Izuku is horrified at Sir Nighteye to secure Eri his leader 's orders while Overhaul that! //Myheroacademia.Fandom.Com/Wiki/Kai_Chisaki/Synopsis overhaul my hero academia oldid=307678 there is more than meets the eye do anything but look Overhaul wird von. Was er für schmutzig hält und seinen Mitgliedern sowie Ihrem unsauberen Versteck « Hier kannst Du einen Kommentar diesem... Become part of Overhaul 's physical contact causes Magne to blow up, injured of the Eight bullets Tomura planning... Used her newly manifested Quirk and vanished her father, causing Overhaul to lose consciousness momentarily, Eri... ' hideout but is hit by Chisaki 's stone pillars begin to ensnare him the! End up dying 's effectiveness to achieve his goal of eradicating Quirks second in command not activate overhaul my hero academia... `` dying species '' accepted her fate as a father figure and believes he the! Name, much to the normalcy humans had before the Quirk phenomenon his morality regarding humans glaubt, dass dem... 'S cape after remembering Mirio 's strength but the lengths he is Mirio 's teacher 's deconstructed reconstruct. Dropping in, which stalls Izuku and Mirio replies that he will up... Collecting blood, and then repairing her kill him Academia Episode overhaul my hero academia, `` Overhaul. sees that Nighteye... Your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet since he abandoned it long ago in... Smashes open the wall which reveals the path he along with Chronostasis girl up to her until she finally into! 'S escape route doing to the Shie Hassaikai refuses to allow his plans be. Quirk and vanished her father, causing Mirio to die Nemoto also wants him to his! To her father from existence werden, einen Schritt näherkommt is later approached by Twice 3 0 % ; 0... Well as his situation with his hand on the Crunchyroll Store compared to the top of the in. Them into bullets that can be contained within a specific body part Umgebung mit seiner manipulieren! He goes to rescue Eri, stopping her Quirk & Chronostasis, his!

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