I felt my first mock class went very smoothly and I fulfilled all goals and expectations, and the interviewer stated this. Once passed, you start learning as much as possible and building your student base. They provide a ton of resources, videos, and a class to prepare you for the mock lesson, in which they explain their expectations and assessment rubric in detail. I completed the Mock 2 class. Everything is spelled out in detail in the contract. The supply of students must numerically be at least as ten times the strength as the supply of teachers. There is no Q & A. I was very concerned this was a scam when I applied, so I opened a bank account at a bank where we had no other dealings… ya know, just in case Never a problem! And she sent me some cut-outs that I was ready to use as props if I needed them. I do not feel they “screen for the best of the best.” I feel that it is a numbers and input/output game completely reliant on supply/demand for teachers (hint: right now, the supply is far greater than the demand). I sat on the floor of my living room, in a corner. Then answer some basic questions. However, I’m pretty sure the “next step” will be more videos, downloaded materials, seminars, and possibly a small fee to get me hired or the opportunity to purchase some “swag.” There are portions of this process with VIPKIDS that remind me of multi-level marketing companies. Handily enough, the company allows you to preview class materials on the teacher portal 6 to 12 hours in advance. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. Honestly the hardest part is getting booking for the first 2 months, but guys have an advantage as a niche group being only a out 7% of VIPKid hires. My first was a little over $500 and the second will be about $700. Depends on where you live. I’ve taught with these two friends for years, and they are stunned at the changes in the hiring process. Here’s my list of the best online course platforms. VIPKid is a teaching platform that connects English teachers from North America with Chinese English students. Yoonla Review, Is Scam or Legit. I’m uncomfortable with the company’s policies in that they are rigid. I’ve learned so much about teaching, about producing high quality video content, and about marketing myself — all from the free workshops. I highly recommend VIPKIDS. VIPKID is a cool and easy job to do from home. Yes, for sure. This doesn’t have to be the spot where you’re going to teach, though. Here For You During COVID-19 It seems as if teachers with real-world ESL teaching experience and a solid understanding of brain research and learning styles to be an effective educator are overlooked in favor of someone who will just tell the kids they made a mistake, move right on, without a reteach or checking for understanding and “teach” ~25 slides in 25 minutes, with no more than 30 seconds in variation! ... VIP KID is currently aiming at The Philippines for ESL teachers. Hi Benito, sorry to hear about your situation. Here are a few more concerning complaints you’ll want to be aware of before applying: Despite these negative reviews, VipKid has an overall positive rating online, and a lot of people have been quite successful with it. Would you like to share your experience with VipKid? If you find my video helpful, and you'd like to apply for VIPKid. VIPKID has been caught in lies but it is always the teachers fault. That too is probably quickly becoming another saturated market. At least with VIPKID I have freedom to teach one class or 150 classes a week-whatever I choose. You must have at least a Bachelor’s degree. I have been working at VIPKID for 7 months. Will this work? This is really a tutoring job so it could be frustrating for someone who wants something meatier. No need to move your furniture! I have worked for VIPKID for nearly two years. Awesome! However, there have been many glitches and errors along the way in dealing with, responses to tickets, and the teachers that provide interviews and workshops. I am glad it is proving successful. I have spent over 40 hours preparing in the past six days. April 19, 2020. It is an incredibly fun and rewarding job! SwagBucks Review. I enjoy my students. VIP KID is currently aiming at The Philippines for ESL teachers. Do be yourself! This has fully supported my kids and I for almost 3 years and we live in a very expensive part of CO. We travel often. I tried teaching with VIP Kid about a year ago because I had two friends who were doing it full time. My biggest concern about this company is that every positive review I’ve read looks fake. In other words, it’s extremely tough to get a teaching job at VipKid. You do not have to set your schedule 2 weeks in advance (it is an option, but not a requirement). I see what you’re saying, Jose. Would I recommend the company? Help us be the best! I went to the dollar store daily to get my own props, this is the most fun part of the class for the kids. Many (most?) No company is perfect. There are so many new perks to make the experience better. 50 reviews from VIPKid employees about VIPKid culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Also, please be aware, that some of the videos and training contradict what the “mentors” are grading on how you should teach each slide. After each lesson, parents can leave a review. My VIPKID Review & Experience. Thank you so much for sharing your honest thoughts on VIPKid – I’m sure this will be incredibly helpful for other readers. The demo, however, is tougher because its a cold interview, and you can only make a few attempts before they reject you (though a friend, and my Recommending Teacher, did this a few times with different emails until she got accepted). I do actually know two people who work for VIPKIDS. thanks for your referral code! How Rude! I have taken time off whenever I wish to. Practice teaching a full-length class with another VipKid teacher. You need a good headset with a microphone, like. If the company is growing with more demand than supply, this ought not to be the case. It’s like they have no real criteria for who makes the cut. This all would have been a little harder to complete during the school year. Apparently it’s pretty difficult to get the job, so make sure you are well prepared! So this much more complex, detailed process of training for NO PAY is really making me reconsider this option. The pay is good, and you get to teach kids from across the planet! If I do proceed with trying to be hired, at least I know what I am getting into. There’s not much information on the work at home job position, so I … Some points in this article I might push back on: 1. Yes, the mentor reviews are can be mind numbing. Sure, there are things I don’t like about it, but there are things I don’t like about most jobs I’ve had. They are tho only company that does not give teachers regular pay increase and they are by far some of the worst staff in admin to work with. I understand following objectives, standards, goals, retention, and extension of lessons. I understand following scripted lesson plans. I have taught for VIPKid for 3 years and have never spent a penny on props and never will. I feel sorry for the bad experience that some teachers met, actually that’s why I read this page. How do I know this? Having multiple sources of income is always a good idea anyway. VipKid is all of those, but there are still some valid teacher complaints you should be aware of before you get started. Of course, it helps to edit before hitting “send.”. However, they were hired before the big influx of teachers last year, and overall decline in number of students. There are definitely some glaring problems with it though, so be sure to weigh the pros and cons yourself before you start. I have enjoyed my job, and it has paid off credit cards, car repairs, and gotten me caught up financially—and I make $70/day before breakfast! If you have to cancel due to illness or such you can submit proof and it is not an issue. Feel free to leave a comment below! Contrary to the negative feedback above…teacher IT problems do not count against you or count as a cancellation. You are an independent contractor and you are competing with other people. Jose commented last year that all the positive reviews seem fake. In order to teach with VipKid, you have to go through a vigorous application process. Overall, her comments after the class were very encouraging, and made me feel like I had been hired. You can teach from your bathroom with the shower curtain behind you. VipKid does not specify how much experience though, so I can assume it doesn’t matter that much. I honestly enjoy these cute little kids. I would suggest asking VipKid themselves. I have always been paid ontime. I am on my third contract. If you’ve read all about the company, including the many reviews posted here in the comment section by current VipKid teachers, you should have a good idea as to whether this is something you’d like to do. Vipkid is a leading online platform for children to learn English. As for the interview process, I made it through both the demo lesson and the mock class on the first attempt, and while I do have a teaching degree, I don’t have a ton of in-class experience, so I don’t think it’s impossible for you, either, with a little work. I use my kids toys as props, aside from a white board I picked up at the dollar store. I was able to get ahold of an ipad for cheap, but lost $30-$50 on equipment for the Chromebook. How would you like to get paid $18-$22/hour teaching ESL online? I was hired at another company that had a very strict minimum time/hour that you had to be available (and for half the pay.) hi!! The relationships with the kids and their families are precious and I am getting to do what I love. Then VIPKID might be a great option for you. Trust me. “It’s hard to get hired.” Nonsense. Since I am a teacher and have two kids, I pulled some of those things to use if needed (dry erase board, baby doll, puppet, etc.). Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts. According to a comment on this VipKid review, the company only accepts 10% of the people they interview: Compare that to Cornell University – an ivy league school with an acceptance rate of 14%! By doing this, you would not have to take the money out from your VIPKID monies. Why spend my money on props?! VIPKID is a platform for teaching Chinese Kids the Engish language through an online teacher portal. The verbal review of your mock class will sound really positive, but the written review is where you can see the contradiction. Glad to hear VIPKID is improving. They’ve changed their application process, so you no longer send in a resume. Our community is ready to answer. Don’t spend any money for it! Well done though. Online teaching is a race to the bottom in terms of money and the whole industry will implode in a couple of years. 264 reviews from VIPKid employees about working as a Teacher at VIPKid. One complaint that comes up a lot is the slow support system. Also, VIPKID puts in your contract that the contract is per your STATE contract. I have canceled classes last minute (son went to hospital) and was not charged by the company (yes, I did have to send a note that stated a date and name and hospital visit.