Buildertrend Implementation for Construction Pros

We know construction and work exclusively with builders and remodelers.

Process automation, understanding the customer journey in a construction environment, and attention to detail are some of the strengths Andrew brings to the table for any construction contractor. If you are trying to get on top of all the details of your business, get on the phone with him for 20 minutes, he will teach you a lot and give you some next steps to getting uber organized.

Les O’Hara, North Shore Brickwork and Windows, Inc.

Who We Are

Custom Craft Consulting draws from founder Andrew Lascano’s background in Software as a Service (SaaS) and Construction to offer construction professionals a Done-for-You service to expedite your BT implementation without making the same costly mistakes he made.

What We Do

We can help you set up Buildertrend in a hurry. The right consultant is your partner, coach, and mentor. The right consultant also challenges you to develop in new and exciting ways, realize your full potential, and grow your trades business.

Remote Configuration: Each successful implementation is the product of preparation, proper setup and training. We use our niche service along with best practices to instill confidence and inspire growth in each and every individual in your company.

Certified Implementation Specialists

Super User

Certified Super User – Onsite Consulting & Remote Integration


Create and manage budgets, generate estimates, track expenses, and integrate your data with Quickbooks Online and Xero.

Selections Coordinator

Track project decisions, simplify change orders, and improve communication.

Office Manager

Set up new jobs, manage warranty claims on completed projects, and everything in between.

Sales & Marketing

Master communication tools for reporting, generating proposals, and managing account activity.

Project Manager

Manage all of your project activities with intuitive features like: Daily Logs, Schedule Management, Photos, Warranty, and more.

Some Recent Clients

Buildertrend Consulting Services

It can be a daunting task to know where to start with Buildertrend. On one hand, one of its greatest strengths is the flexibility it offers. However, without a defined strategy, this flexibility can be the reason why your business struggles.

There are two key elements to consider during the pre-onboarding planning phase:

  • How will you use the tools?

    Fundamentally you need to have a process that works on paper. Next, determine the process you will follow through the system. Which tools will you use and when? What is the hand-off process when a proposal is signed and a lead needs to be converted to a job? Will you integrate it with QuickBooks? What financial information do you want to track that will sync with QuickBooks?

  • How will you rollout Buildertrend?

    Once you have the vision for the end product (fully implemented Buildertrend), you need to develop a plan to get there. This needs to be carefully considered so you don’t overwhelm your business. Having a well thought out implementation plan in place will allow you to transition in a way that you can keep up with the day-to-day tasks without delaying implementation altogether.

Key Benefits

We help you harness the power of Construction Project Management Software to bring communication, collaboration, and documentation to your fingertips, streamlining the build process.

Done-For-You: We customize tailor our pricing based on the scope of work that meets your needs.

Onsite & Remote: Manage your software with ease and get the most out of your investment.