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What Can The Right Consultant Do For You?

Custom Craft Consulting is ready to help you fast track your Buildertrend success. You can count on us to:

  • Analyze your current workflow
  • Identify your Buildertrend implementation needs
  • Configure your Buildertrend account for the future
  • Implement best practices for maximum user efficiency
  • Provide a step-by-step implementation plan

Architect contacting Andrew Lascano for Construction Software Consulting

Andrew sat down with us twice a week and walked us through the Construction Software Estimating process. It was exactly what we needed. His knowledge of Construction Software and Construction is a unique niche. I highly recommend his services to all contractors using Buildertrend.

Vern R., Ridge Construction Inc. – Denver, CO

Consulting Process

FREE 45-Minute Discovery Call

Discovery Call

Live Zoom meeting to discuss your current situation, goals and objectives, and establish a project timeline.


1. Analysis & Implementation Plan

The first stage of our engagement involves mapping your existing processes and tools. This allows us to understand the full scope of your business as it stands now, what processes need to be streamlined as you prepare for scale, and develop an implementation plan for your ideal Buildertrend system.

We typically schedule two days of phone shadowing calls via Zoom private meeting room with clients and deliver our final report and implementation plan within two weeks.

Phase / Time Frame

This phase will take approximately 1-2 weeks depending on availability.


  • A structured report detailing the client’s existing processes and the current status of the client’s Buildertrend account.
  • An implementation plan for Buildertrend in the client’s business.

2. Financial Configuration

This stage underpins every other feature in Buildertrend. If you do not setup your financials correctly, it is nearly impossible to maximize the value of Buildertrend in your business.


This phase will take 1-2 weeks depending on client responsiveness and availability.


  • Cost Code Setup
  • Cost Catalog Setup
  • Cost Groups Setup
  • Payments Setup
  • Budget Setup
  • Change Order Setup
  • Purchase Order Setup
  • Lien Waiver Setup
  • Time Clock Setup

3. User Configuration & Homeowner Portal Setup


This phase will take 1-2 weeks depending on client responsiveness and availability.


  • Configure internal user settings
  • Configure subcontractor settings
  • Configure job settings
  • Configure other settings (owner invitation email, calendar setup, and proposal layout)
  • Setup customer login Setup survey/reviews
  • Setup communication scripts
  • Provide customer form for website (Leads straight to CRM)
  • Provide custom video HTML with client branding to add to website
  • Provide subcontractor login to add to website
  • Provide homeowner/client login to add to website

4. Sales Configuration


This phase will take between 1-2 weeks depending on client responsiveness and availability.


  • Configure lead setup settings (default introductory text, general conditions, default closing text, warranty, contract agreement, customer acceptance of proposal, default release text)
  • Import leads
  • Import contacts
  • Create & customize workflow
  • Lead opportunity custom fields
  • Tags
  • Filters
  • Lead sources
  • Grid views
  • Filter view
  • Activity templates
  • Bid requests
  • Proposal templates
  • Automated email marketing
  • Estimates

5. Project Management Configuration


This phase will take between 2-4 weeks depending on client responsiveness and availability.


  • Scheduling
  • Sync email accounts
  • Daily logs ToDo’s
  • Docs & photos
  • Messaging
  • Warranty
  • Plan mark up
  • Trade partners
  • Jobsite templates
  • Owner payment
  • Bid package
  • Bills/ POs
  • Schedule items
  • Document folder
  • Video folder
  • Photo folder
  • Selections Survey

6. Virtual Coaching & Training

Our training sessions are meticulously planned by our Super User and are designed to be as efficient as possible. Your time is valuable: our goal is to set your team up for success while taking up the least amount of time. Custom Craft will actually train your people using your own Buildertrend account.

Training sessions are two hours long and are usually broken into two distinct one hour segments (note: some segments are more in-depth and will require longer than an hour). Each session is fully customizable: it is possible to mix & match training segments to meet your needs.

Below are some sample sessions that we recommend, along with the full list of training segments we offer:


  • New User Onboarding Guide
  • User Roles and Permission Settings
  • How to Manage Alert Settings
  • New User Checklist

Sales CRM

  • Proposal Templates
  • Activity Templates
  • Marketing Drip Campaigns
  • Live Reporting
  • Pre-Written Email Templates

Additional Training Segments – Mix & Match

  • Top 20 Scheduling Tips
  • Selection Customization Strategies – Selections
  • iPad and iPhone Tips & Tricks – Mobile App
  • Financials – Budget, Estimate, POs & Bills
  • Advanced Estimating – Budget, Estimate, POs, & Bills
  • Reporting – Grids, Filters, Reports
  • Getting Paid Online – WePay
  • Time Saving Tips – Super User

Stop Stressing

Every experienced contractor understands the longer you spend stressing over project management issues, the longer it takes to complete your project. Instead of delaying your latest kitchen remodel, turn to Custom Craft Consulting.