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Meet Andrew Lascano, Founder of Custom Craft Consulting

Over the past nine years, Andrew has helped construction professionals all around the world implement construction management software quickly and effortlessly. Furthermore, he has worked with small and medium-sized home builders, remodelers, and specialty contractors. Additionally, he enjoys seeing the positive impact of technology when it’s implemented correctly.

Above all, Andrew’s overarching mission is to empower construction professionals to enhance operational efficiency and boost revenue through the use of technology. When you’re ready to upgrade your operations contact Custom Craft Consulting.

Process Implementation of Custom Craft Consulting
Andrew is an excellent communicator and a motivated asset for anyone looking to refine their construction processes. I’ve worked at the executive level for multiple building firms and keep coming back to Andrew for advice, guidance, and consulting work. If you are serious about adapting to new technology, software, and resources for improving your construction processes, I can guarantee it will be a lot harder without Andrew’s help. I am an expert user, when I can’t figure something out, or want to know if this is the best way to use it, I call Drew.

ADU & Custom Home Builder – Bozeman, MO

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Three Amigos Roofing Success Story

In 2014, Andrew founded a roofing company, which was later voted the #1 Roofing Contractor in Northern Indiana for five consecutive years by Angi members. This success marked the beginning of Andrew’s journey with construction management software. Although it was challenging to exit a thriving construction business, Andrew was eager to devote his time to assisting contractors across the United States in improving their operations.

Transitioning from the technology start-up scene to the construction industry proved to be an insightful move. There, he applied lessons he had learned in the tech sector to day-to-day operations. Upon embarking on his quest to find tools to simplify and streamline processes, he had little success. After months of dedicated research, he still found Buildertrend to be the best product in the industry, even five years later, with significantly more experience.

When Custom Craft Consulting was first established, Andrew Lascano had one goal in mind: to help business owners maximize operational efficiency in their businesses. As the former owner of an Indiana-based roofing company, Three Amigos Roofing, Andrew had felt the frustrations brought on by scheduling issues, communication challenges, and delayed payments. Construction management software allowed him to be more efficient and have smarter communication with everyone involved. Since 2014, Three Amigos Roofing grew to become a top-rated roofing contractor in Northern Indiana and received the Angi Super Service Award five consecutive years in a row. We can help grow your trade business as well.

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