You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers.

For Potential Customers

How does your consulting program work?

We now have three options to help meet the demand for our services. Done-For-You, Do-It-Yourself, and One-on-One private coaching sessions so you can learn as you go.

For more information please refer to Our Process.

What sets us apart from your Buildertrend coach?

The most costly things we’ve learned over the years were all the different ways it won’t work efficiently. This gives us more depth in the strategies that we teach. We have a lot of context around dead ends that other people can avoid by failing so many times over and over again. As experts, we shorten the odds of failure for people. One of the best ways to do that is by helping you not repeat our own mistakes.

How long does it take to go live?

Our basic package can be up and running in as little as 4 weeks. Yes – one month! A fully customized Buildertrend account can require up to 8 weeks.

What about Quickbooks Integration?

Yep! We’ve invested our time and money to ensure you save the headache of paying an additional Quickbooks advisor to do this step.

For Existing Customers

Can I edit my company information?

Yes, you can. You can do this by clicking on the “Cog Wheel” on the upper right corner and selecting “Setup.” Once in setup, you will see your company information where you will be able to change whatever information you need.

Where can I add my cost codes?

You can add your cost codes, as well as edit existing cost codes, within setup.  In setup, there will be a tab labeled “Cost Codes” which will take you to all your cost codes.

Can I sync my schedule to Outlook, Google or iCal?

Yes, you can set this up in your user preferences which can be found in your internal user details. You have the ability to sync your schedule, leads activities as well as To-Do’s.

Does overtime get calculated automatically?

Yes. Once you set what your overtime hours are within the time clock settings, it will then start calculating the overtime.

How do I add PTO for a user?

When selecting “Record Shift” on the Time Clock tab, you will have the ability to switch it from Hours to PTO and record how much PTO is being used.

You should note that Construction Software does not currently offer the option to auto calculate accrued PTO by employee based on the regular hours they have worked.

How do I set my workdays?

You can set your workdays when creating the job. On the Job Information page, you will see on the bottom of that page where you can choose your workdays.

Can I remove the option for my customer to view Owner Invoices?

Construction Software offers the option on a per job basis to show or hide the owner invoice tab on the customer portal. By default the option is turned on for all jobs. If you wish to turn this option off, or if your customer can’t see the tab and you want to grant access, you’ll want to follow these steps.

  1. Click on the job in question from your job menu
  2. Then click the (i) icon to access your Job Details
  3. Next, click Owner tab
  4. Then scroll down to Owner Options. Toggle the “Allow Owner to See Payments Tab” checkbox on/off to allow or deny access. Then be sure to save your changes.

Can I template owner invoices?

Yes, owner invoices can be templated. You can also link the due dates of your templated invoices to a templated schedule item.

To create templated invoices follow these quick steps.

  1. Toggle from Job Menu to Template Menu
  2. Once in the Template Menu you’ll see a similar user interface as the job menu. To create a new template click the + sign. You could also click on an existing template and add invoices to that template.
  3. If you are creating a new template, be sure to give it a name and hit save.
  4. Then click on the template you’ve just create, then click on Financials tab, then click Owner Invoice.
  5. Lastly, click New Invoice to build out your template invoice.

If you’d like to import your new template into a job. Go back to the Job Menu, click into a specific job, then click on Financials tab, then click Owner Invoice. From here you’ll see the option to import. Choose the template name that contains your template invoice.

How do I change my bank account?

You have the ability to do this by logging into WePay and updating your bank information. Within Construction Software, go to the gear icon on the upper right hand side and select “Online Payment Settings. You will then see an option to “Edit” your bank account. When clicking on that link, it will take you to login to WePay where you can update your information.

What are Micro Deposits?

Micro Deposits are a way for your customer to verify their bank account if they don’t have partnering bank of WePay. If they choose to save their payment method after verifying the account, they will not need to go through this process again.

When your customer chooses to manually enter their account and routing information, they are sent two small deposits to their bank account within 1 to 2 business days. Your customer will then need to login to their bank account find the amounts that were deposited. These deposits are typically between .01 and .14 cents. They will then type those amounts into an email they received from WePay on the day of the payment. If they didn’t receive the email, they can always call or email us here at Construction Software and we can take care of it in the background.

Can I collect payment on a Lead Proposal?

Yes you can! This can be done using the “Payment” tab provided within the proposal. When choosing to request a payment, you can either ask for a percentage of the total proposal amount or simply request a dollar amount that you can choose. You can also require your customer to submit their payment in order to sign off on the proposal. Finally, you can choose how the customer can submit their payment.

How do I setup a payment method for paying subcontractors?

This is located within your “Online Payment Settings.” If you go to the gear icon on the upper right hand side and select Online Payment Settings, it will take you into a new window where you need to scroll all the way down to the bottom you will see where you can add payment methods. Simply click “Add New Payment Method” and walk through the steps. There is a document attached to this article with instructions on how to do this as well.

What are the payment processing times?

On average, we are seeing 1-2 business days for credit cards and 2-5 business days for ACH/Electronic Check. These time frames are based on when the customer submitted their payment to when the funds are available in your bank account.

When using online payments to pay your subcontractors, the time frames are a little quicker. We are seeing on average 1-2 business days for credit cards and 2-4 business days for ACH payments.

Keep in mind that in the rare occurrence the transaction gets flagged for manual review, it could add a couple extra business days to the processing times.

*First payments that are either sent to a sub or received by a customer could extend out to 5 to 7 business days. Once you get past that first payment, it should fall back into normal processing times.*

What version of QuickBooks is required to get linked?

Quickbooks Desktop – Version 2015 or newer

You must also have the most current version of the Web Connector to use QB Desktop with Construction Software. The Web Connector is an Intuit/QB application that allows QB Desktop to transmit data with cloud based programs like Construction Software.

(Version is the most recent version of the web connector but also currently compatible)

Construction Software will provide you with the Web Connector application if you’re using QB version 2015 or 2016. Quickbooks 2017 or newer already has the Web Connector installed.

The Web Connector is NOT compatible with Mac and will not allow you to run QB Desktop and Construction Software. Please contact your customer success manager for more details.

Quickbooks Online – Plus Version Only

**(QB Online -Simple Start & QB Online Essentials are not fully compatible with Construction Software)**

Does my customer need to be an active user in Construction Software to receive an invoice?

No, they don’t. When you create an Owner Invoice and choose Save and Release, it will give you the option to enter an email address where you want that invoice sent or it will ask you to notify owner which would then send it to the email associated to the customers information. From that point, the recipient will have an email containing the invoice and will have the ability to pay you online.

How do I check on the status of an Owner Invoice?

You have a couple different ways of doing this. You have the ability to open that specific Change Order or Owner Invoice and choose Online Payment Details. Another way is referencing your Online Payments Report under the Financial Tab. Lastly, you will get email notifications keeping you up to date on any Invoices you are receiving or sending.

Can my customers pay multiple invoices at one time?

Yes they can.  When they log into Construction Software, they will see on their summary page two ways to make a mass payment.  This will allow them to make a payment on multiple change orders and owner payments at one time.

Andrew is amazing. He is always willing and ready to help with any and all questions, concerns and needs. Switching to BuilderTrend would be almost impossible without him.

 Lynea B., R.F.M.C. Inc. – Fresno, CA