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Would you prefer to be out there making waves in the business world or stuck figuring out where to start with your construction management software?

Take a breath and relax! At Custom Craft Consulting, we’re all about unlocking the potential of construction management software for you, both for the here and now and for your future success. We’re here to guide your team, streamline your software setup, and get you moving towards your goals faster than you thought possible.

With Custom Craft Consulting, you’ll receive insights into industry best practices, learn how to sidestep common pitfalls, and discover how to manage your projects with the utmost efficiency.

Here are the top 5 reasons companies like yours team up with Custom Craft Consulting:

1. To amplify the value of their investment
2. To enable their team to eclipse the competition
3. To speed up everyday tasks and enhance efficiency
4. To bolster their team’s efforts in achieving business objectives
5. To foster business development and scale operations effectively

In a tone that blends professionalism with warmth, we make it clear that partnering with us means focusing on what really matters – growing your business and leaving the complexities of construction management software to us.

Streamline the Implementation Process

If you don’t have the time to commit to implementing construction management software, we can help you get to where you need to be quickly with our virtual consulting services. We can implement either a single area of the platform for you, or implement all of the features at once.

Key Features:

Lightspeed Setup

Leverage the full power of your platform to scale your business faster.

Best Practices

In-depth education on tech and business best practices.

Custom Tailored

Professional white-glove service to help our contractors grow smarter.

Improved Flow

Optimize user experience for high utilization rates.

Real-Time Analysis

Project updates in a jiffy.

Time Savings

Optimize time for maximum efficiency.

Smart Investment

A track record of successful implementations.

Proven Results

Fix revenue leaks and boost profitability.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Nearly 24/7 support so we’re available when you need us most.

If you’re an Operations Manager or Project Manager and don’t have the time to learn, train, or setup your CMS, you should talk with Andrew. He will implement and streamline your processes to run super smooth. His experience as a construction project manager was a huge bonus. Andrew is a dedicated professional that works hard to find the right solution for any business owner looking for an edge.

Lance Holtz, Semper Fi Built – Centre, AL

Remote Back-Office Support

We’re always happy help! Fully equipped with the tools to help simplify your transition, so that you can focus on the important things… like your actual business.



Planning projects takes a keen grasp of funds. With Custom Craft Consulting, we create sound financial strategies that get you from proposal to final invoice with easy, manageable solutions.


Construction Consulting

Premier back-office support center for construction companies including project assisting and making sure your data is synchronized across multiple systems.


Project Planning

Planning projects takes a keen grasp of funds. We create sound strategies that get you from proposal to final invoice with a simple, repeatable process.


Nearly 24/7 Support

We understand how important it is to be ready when you have questions. You can count on us to be available when your business needs us most.

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